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Declinable Conditions




Any applicant whose application for long term care insurance lists one or more of the following medical problems would likely be declined.

                    suffers from cognitive impairment, including Alzheimerís Disease, dementia or other organic memory or mental health problems, which interferes with a personís ability to think clearly, live safely alone, and care for themselves independently;

                    requires prompting, supervision, cueing or physical assistance to perform routine activities;

                    is unable to walk around both inside and outside;

                    has been recommended to have surgery or diagnostic testing;

                    does not meet the recovery period for a particular condition;

                    uses a wheelchair, a quad cane walker or oxygen;

                    requires assistance from another individual to perform one or more Activities of Daily Living (click here to view ADL definitions);

                    are unable to perform Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (click here to view IADL definitions) or

                    is taking certain medications that can potentially indicate a poor risk selection. (click here to view the medication guide)

 Important: The preceding list is not all-inclusive.  Before submitting an application for long term care insurance, disclose and discuss all medical conditions with your agent.  If there is a question about a particular medical condition most experienced professional agents will be able to obtain an informal, non-binding opinion from an underwriter about the likelihood of any particular condition resulting in a declination of an application for long term care insurance.

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Activities of Daily Living

1.      Bathing                        washing oneself in tub, shower or sponge bath

2.      Dressing                     putting on and taking off all garments and medically necessary braces or artificial limbs usually worn and to fasten and unfasten them

3.      Toileting                       getting to and from the toilet; getting on and off the toilet and maintaining a reasonable level of personal hygiene and to adjust clothing

4.      Transferring                moving in and out of a chair or bed

5.      Continence                  voluntarily controlling bowel and bladder function; maintaining a reasonable level of personal hygiene

6.      Feeding                       getting nourishment into the body by any means once it has been prepared and made available

7.      Ambulating/Mobility     walking or moving from one place to another

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Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

v      Using the telephone

v      Managing finances

v      Shopping

v      Housework

v      Preparing meals/cooking

v      Taking Transportation

v      Laundry

v      Taking all medications

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Medications Guide

All medications taken by a potential applicant are significant and must be reported on applications for long term care insurance.

The listed medications frequently indicate health conditions that will result in the declination of an application.

Adriamycin                                                     Cancer

Akineton                                     Parkinson's Disease

Artane                                         Parkinson's Disease

Blenoxane                                                      Cancer

Cogentin                                     Parkinson's Disease

Cognex                                                 Memory Loss

Cytoxan                                                         Cancer

Depo-Provera                                                  Cancer

Dopar                                          Parkinson's Disease

Doxorubicin                                                    Cancer

Eldepryl                                      Parkinson's Disease

Ergamisol                                                       Cancer

Ergoloid Mesylate                                  Memory Loss

Estrace                                                         Cancer

Eulexin                                                           Cancer

Ganite                                                            Cancer

Haldol                                                  Anti-psychotic

Hexalen                                                          Cancer

Hydrea                                                           Cancer

Hydergine                                             Memory Loss

Kenadrin                                     Parkinson's Disease

Larodopa                                     Parkinson's Disease

Levsin                                         Parkinson's Disease

Loxitane                                               Anti-psychotic

Lupron                                                            Cancer

Megace                                                          Cancer

Methotrexate                         Cancer (also for arthritis)

Moban                                                 Anti-psychotic

Mutamycin                                                     Cancer

Myleran                                                          Cancer

Myrochrysine                                                 Arthritis

Nevane                                                Anti-psychotic

Neosar                                                           Cancer

Neupogen                                                       Cancer

Parlodel                                      Parkinson's Disease

Permax                                       Parkinson's Disease

Platinol                                                           Cancer

Prolixin                                                Anti-psychotic

Ridaura                                                         Arthritis

Serentil                                                Anti-psychotic

Sinemet                                      Parkinsonís Disease

Solganal                                                        Arthritis

Stelazine                                             Anti-psychotic

Symmetrel                                  Parkinsonís Disease

Tace                                                              Cancer

Tacrine                                                 Memory Loss

Teslac                                                            Cancer

Thorazine                                             Anti-psychotic

Trilafon                                                 Anti-psychotic

Zofran                                                              Cancer

Zoladex                                                          Cancer

This list is only a guide.  There may be additional medications not listed that may have an adverse impact on application consideration.
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