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Following is our Initial Privacy Notice and Compensation Disclosure

Before working with you, California State regulations mandate that we provide you with a copy of the IPNCD and maintain in our files your acknowledgement of your receipt of a copy of the IPNCD . Additionally, Medicare places further requirements on us when we talk with Medicare eligible individuals.

Near, but not at the bottom of this page is an email acknowledgement link. If you send us an email acknowledging you have read and saved a copy of our privacy notice, the requirement will be met.

Of course we can do it the dependable old fashion way and mail you a copy. Just let us know your address.


Jackie & Jim Spahr Insurance Services

 (a sole proprietorship operated as a community by Jackie & Jim Spahr, a married couple)
1457 Capri Avenue
PO Box 751180, Petaluma, CA 94975-1180
Toll Free:  1.800.237.0107  facsimile 1.888.356.5956

California Department of Insurance Licenses
Jackie Spahr  064-3534  Jim Spahr 055-9156
We are licensed only in the State of California and cannot transact insurance business in any other state.

The purpose of this notice is to inform you of Jackie & Jim Spahr Insurance Services’ (JJSIS) privacy policies and procedures and general information about our compensation. We protect your nonpublic personal information (“NPI”) from disclosures that are not allowed by law or restricted or disallowed in this Initial Privacy Notice.  JJSIS gives this Notice as a service to all valued customers and to comply with the requirements of the law.  Generally, we are compensated by the insurance companies with which we place your business.

Medicare Eligible Individuals - Scope of Appointments

Medicare requires that when talking with Medicare eligible individuals we only discuss products that you and we have agreed to talk about when initial contact was made. If, during the course of a conversation, it becomes evident that the product information you and we initially agreed to explore is not about the product best suited to your circumstances, we must terminate our conversation and reschedule your and our conversation for a time at least 48 hours later. This rule creates an impossibly clumsy basis for our work together.

Therefore, to avoid running afoul of Medicare rules, Medicare eligible individuals agree that by by their signatures below, they accept this IPNCD as the scope of our appointments and they direct us to be prepared to discuss with them all products related to Medicare Parts A, B, C and D and Medigap (Medicare Supplement) Plans during any meeting or telephone conversation.

This Initial Privacy Notice describes how  JJSIS collects, discloses and protects the personal information we gather about you. We may materially change our privacy policies and procedures, and if we do we will notify you before we make the changes.

We gather two types of protected information about you. 1) Nonpublic Personal Information (“NPI”) and 2) Nonpublic Personal Financial Information (“NPFI”).

NPI includes any list, description or grouping of consumers that is derived using any personally identifiable information that is not publicly identifiable. It includes the medical, financial and character information that we gather to provide you with insurance as well as your name and address.

NPFI is the protected financial information we gather about you.


1)  Categories of NPI We Collect
            We collect several types if NPI about you including:
a) Medical histories
b) Prescription medications used
c) Personal & character information

2)  Categories of NPI We Disclose
            We do not share / disclose your NPI with anyone unless allowed / required by law

3)  Categories of Affiliates and Nonaffiliated Third Parties
to Whom We Disclose NPI.
            JJSIS has no affiliates and we do not share / disclose your NPI with Nonaffiliated Third Parties unless required by law

4)   Former Customers
            JJSIS does not share / disclose NPI of former customers unless required to do so by law

5)   Disclosure to an Affiliate for Marketing Purposes
            JJSIS has no affiliates

6)   Opting Out of Disclosure to Nonaffiliated Third Parties
            JJSIS does not share / disclose your NPI with Nonaffiliated Third Parties unless required to do so by law

7)    Disclosures Made of NPFI Protected by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act
            The law allows us to share non-transactional information you disclosed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, however, we do not share this information

 8)   How We Protect the Confidentiality and Security of NPI and NPFI
            JJSIS has no employees and allows no one access to its office area. Therefore no one other than Jackie and Jim have access to your NPI and NPFI information whether contained on hard copy files or electronic files

9)    Your Right to Access, Copy Review and Request Correction of NPI
            You have the right to access, copy review and request correction of any NPI in our possession. You must make this request to us in writing and we have 30 days to allow you to review your NPI. If you believe that there is an error in the information, you may request in writing that it be corrected. We have 30 days from receiving the request to make the correction or to inform you as to why we will not make the requested change and the reasons why. If you disagree with the refusal, you may supply us with a concise statement why you disagree and it will be filed with your NPI.

10)   Disclosure of NPI and NPFI Under Specific Exceptions
            The law allows or requires us to disclose NPI and NPFI in the following situations:
a) With your written authorization
b) To a non-insurance entity if it is reasonably necessary for us to properly do our business and the other entity agrees not to disclose the NPI and NPFI
c) To an insurance entity if the disclosure helps the receiving party perform an insurance transaction for you or if it is reasonably necessary to detect or prevent criminal activity, fraud or misrepresentation in connection with an insurance transaction
d) To a medical professional in order to:
     1. Verify coverage or benefits, conduct operations or service audits; or
     2. Inform a person of a medical problem they might not be aware of
e) To the Department of Insurance, law enforcement or other governmental entity including an administrative or court order, or as is otherwise required or permitted by law
f) To conduct actuarial or research studies if there are proper safeguards
g) To facilitate the sale of whole or part of an insurance business
h) To a person whose only use will be for marketing a product or service. However please note, JJSIS does not disclose information for marketing purposes
i) To a group policyholder to report claims experience or do an audit or to a certificate holder or policyholder to inform them of the status of an insurance transaction
j) To a professional peer review organization to review medical care
k) To the government to determine eligibility for health benefits
l) To a lien holder, etc. or any other individual or entity having a legal interest in an insurance policy to the extent that the disclosure is needed to protect their interest

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As a result of insurance purchases you may make with our assistance, JJSIS may receive compensation (cash or otherwise) that is based in part on factors such as total deposits, assets or premium volume and persistency or profitability of the business (insurance product(s)) you purchase with the assistance of JJSIS acting as an agent of the insurance company or other entity that offers such products.  The cost of this compensation may be directly or indirectly reflected in the premium or fee for this product.  JJSIS may receive this compensation from the insurance company and/or broker through which JJSIS places your business.

Further, compensation may consist of either or both compensation based upon first year and/or renewal premiums.  Generally, products that you may purchase using the services of JJSIS that require ongoing service to be provided by JJSIS pays JJSIS compensation for providing you that service.

JJSIS does not require compensation in the form of fees or otherwise from you for any product or service you may purchase with our assistance without requesting that you to join with JJSIS in a specific fee for service agreement prior to the initiation of any such purchase or service work.  Any such agreement will be an agreement in writing separate from and not related to this disclosure document.


Jackie and Jim are not qualified to nor do they provide tax or legal advise.  Please consult with your attorney or tax advisor.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions concerning this disclosure and privacy notice.

Regulations require us to keep on file evidence that you have received this document. By clicking on either

Jackie or Jim
(receipt acknowledgement links)
(If clicking on the above does not open your email program, then send an email to either
 Jackie@Spahr.com or Jim@Spahr.com noting your have read and made note of our IPNCD)

and sending us the email the email that is generated with your comment telling us that you have read and retained a copy of this privacy notice that requirement will be met.

We look forward to working with you. Thank you for taking the time to read this notice.


Jackie & Jim Spahr
Sole proprietors of Jackie & Jim Spahr Insurance Services

If you wish, print this page, sign below and mail to us at: PO Box 751180, Petaluma, CA 94975-1180


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Jackie and Jim Spahr
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